Full featured underbridge inspection package, on a single rear axle truck, designed for use
on bridges rated at 15 tons maximum load,
at an economical price.

Three booms, two turrets, telescopic third
boom and articulating fourth boom provide total
underbridge access.

Continuous, automatic, hydraulic
bucket-leveling under all boom deployment

Vehicle is stabilized by a chassis load transfer
system, requiring no outriggers, and meeting
ANSI 92.8-1993 stability standards.

Articulating fourth boom provides "behind beam"

Personnel bucket is easily mounted from
truck deck by means of rear drop-down
and bucket mount ladders.

High Boom-1 elevation feature permits
deployment over 10 feet high bridge rails
and barriers.

Combined boom movements provide above
deck structure access.

Totally portable ground control unit allows
unrestricted bridge-rail control, deployment
and retrieval of the aerial.



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